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New Blog Launch - Question and Answer

Posted by Ashley Hooper on 7th Aug 2015

New Blog Launch

SevenOneZero is proud to launch our all new blog. The blog will be updated 2 or 3 times a month and will contain content regarding both the fashion world which we here at SevenOneZero are striving to make our mark on, it will also contain content from the football world as we also have somewhat of a knowledge on that due to our fantastic owners Chris Burke, Curtis Davies and Gavin Rae. We will of course also keep you updated with all the goings on here at SevenOneZero where we currently have our Autumn/Winter range on schedule for release. So without further ado we will head straight into our first feature on the all new blog. We asked you guys to send in your questions for the three guys and we hand selected a few for them to answer, here is what they said....


SevenOneZero Question and Answer

Question 1 - You guys must have played in some fantastic derby games but which was the best?

Curtis - 'My favorite derby game was playing against Wolves for West Brom, it is the only 'proper' derby game that I have played in. Winning 3-0 at the Molineux was a very special experience for me!'

Gavin - 'I've got to play in some great derby games. Getting to play the old firm games was very special, although Dundee v Dundee United was great also. Thinking about it Cardiff v Swansea was crazy as well!'

Chris - ' I was fortunate enough to play in 3 big derby matches. Cardiff v Swansea, Rangers v Celtic and Forest v Derby. All come with extreme added pressure but that's what you want as a footballer. I would have to say that my first ever derby, I was 20 at the time a believe, Celtic v Rangers at Parkhead. I never knew what hit me!'

Question 2 - Who had the worst dress sense at any of your clubs?

Gavin - ' No doubt, it was Josh Magennis at Cardiff and at Aberdeen. He had some shocking gear, proper rascal stuff'

Chris - 'I have seen a right good few bad dressed players in my time. Most of the time it is the foreign lads. They are not as fashion aware as us British. Stefan Klos comes to mind. He just came in everyday with everything way too big for him. But that didn't really matter as he was one hell of a goalkeeper!'

Curtis - ' The worst dress sense i have seen is from Nikica Jelavic or Zoltan Gera. Jela would come in with jeans on but have a warrior hoodie on and a pair of warrior trainers with it! Zoltan's gear was bad because he used to dress like a 'geography teacher', he had some rascal sweaters with patches on the elbows combined with earthy toned corduroy trousers and clumpy brown suede shoes'

Question 3 - What were your best and worst moments of your career?

Chris - 'Tough question! But for me one thing comes to mind. Cardiff v Blackpool in the play off final at Wembley. You are so close to the premiership you can taste it. That was a real hard one to take. My best moment?..... Well that hasn't come yet! Hopefully it will be this season. '

Curtis - 'Well i can roll that all into one day. Scoring in the FA Cup final and then losing from being 2-0 up. Devastated. Still hurts. '

Gavin - 'Best moment for me is representing Scotland. The worst, its got to be that playoff final v Blackpool playing for Cardiff.' 

Question 4 - What is your favorite Brand apart from of course SevenOneZero. 

Curtis -' My favorite brand other than 710 would maybe be Zara. I like the designer gear for my special gear but most of my stuff comes from Zara. Its a great for my fit... Tall and Slim

Gavin - My favorite brands are D&G, Zara and for sneakers its got to be Nike.' 

Chris - 'I don't have a favorite brand. If i see something in Primark and like it I'll buy it and if I see something that I like in high fashion I'll buy it. What I will say is that I will only buy something if it really stands out to me. I will not shop for the sake of it.' 

Question 5 - Who is the best player you have played with?

Gavin - 'Best player/players I ever played with was the De Boer twins and Caniggia at Rangers. Have to say though that the best young player was Aaron Ramsey for sure!'

Chris - 'I have been fortunate to play with some world class players at my time at Rangers. We had the De Boer brothers, i learnt so much from them. The way they applied themselves everyday in training.They train like they play and ever since I have done the same! Make no day in football easy on yourself as if you do it will transfer itself into a match. Barry Ferguson was a winner as well, his mentality was very strong. That with his ability rewarded him with titles and captaincy's. Caniggia was another. What a player he was! He wasn't fast but he was so quick in his mind and with his feet. So intelligent at losing his man. I could go on here so I'll stop....'

Curtis - 'Best Player i have played with was Ashley Young. At the time we were at Aston Villa together he was unstoppable and everything we used to do went through him, that year he won PFA young player of the year. '

Question 6 - Who is the best player you have ever played against?

Chris -' Best player i played against was Ashley Cole. We played a friendly against Arsenal and he was so sharp!'

Curtis - 'Toughest to play against would be either Alexis Sanchez or Sergio Aguero. Both have talent this is there for everyone to see but when you combine that with their work rate they are both unplayable at times. '

Gavin -' Edgar Davids. Wesley Sneijder. They both gave me a massive chasing. The midfield was these two and Van Der Vaart, we got pumped that day.'


So that's that. Thanks to the guys for taking the time out to answer these questions and thanks to you guys for sending them in! 

Update on where we are with SevenOneZero now!

We cannot thank you guys enough for continuing to support the brand and help us reach the heights that we here believe that we can. We have only been trading for just over one year and are far ahead of our plans. Our Autumn/Winter collection is in full flow and you guys will be pleased to know we have some new Tees in this collection. So look out for them. We would also like to thank @questg and @eric_ortiz_photography for producing some great pictures of our summer range. All of which you will see over the coming weeks. Go check them both out on Instragram. 


Remember all our tees are still on sale, with very limited sizing left, i can not stress this enough, so please if you want one go get it now and avoid being dissapointed. Also dont forget to purchase your hoodies and joggers as the cooler nights and days come in!

Thanks for your support guys and make sure to look out for new updates coming from us all the time on twitter and instagram @sevenonezerouk.